Before I start posting actual EM content, I’ll give my brief advice for those MS3s-MS4s who are trying to match into EM. I’ve organized this post as a timeline of questions that I had from at the end of my MS3 year and onward, and the answers I discovered along the way. A terrific blog with more detail can be found at Enjoy!

  • What specialty do I want to go into?  
    • If you are considering EM, but did not have a chance to do an EM rotation, try to set up multiple shadowing shifts in an ED in your hospital. If you love it, the EM IS FOR YOU! If you don’t like what you experience, think about what you want out of your training and career, and reassess your residency options.
  • Am I competitive enough to match into EM?
    • Clerkship honors and high Step scores help, but are neither necessary nor sufficient to match into EM. In other words, high performer should continue working hard, and average students should not give up hope.
    • The most important factors for matching into EM (Sub-i grades, SLOES, Step 2, INTERVIEWS ) all take place in your 4th year. I’ll outline my advice on how give yourself the best chance of matching no matter how you have performed in the past.


  • If you are planning your 4th year schedule and still are unsure, make sure you still set up away rotations
  • competiative: back up rotations